Simple insights are usually the best. Consider the following: Customer communications are fundamentally about data moving from one place to another. The movement of data makes a process. For the entire whole to work, data must move in processes to the right place, at the right time and comprehensibly – so it is just like good customer communications. This might seem quite clever but creating a good customer experience in an online store boils down to this as well.

We want to provide our customers with online services that are truly built to meet the needs of people living in the digital age when it comes to the ease of use and the functionality of background processes.

In practice, this means intuitive user experience, fast and functional processes and efficient background services. The improvement of the customer experience also improves efficiency.

That is why we set our goal at automating all background processes in our online services and eliminating inefficiency. A good and easy-to-use user interface is not enough for a good customer experience if processes in the background do not move data from one place to another quickly and efficiently. These processes include, for instance, order processing, materials handling and invoicing.


The starting point for our customer Ink&Media Solutions Oy (IMS) was to launch a value-added service concept as part of the launch of Canon products and Tompla envelopes.

The goal was to reform the very traditional business by offering digital service and improved customer experience to retailers and end customers.

The challenge was to find an operating model that would allow IMS to differentiate itself sufficiently from its competitors and to offer its customers a superior package of products and value-added services.

The sales of envelopes and related value-added services has remained mainly unchanged for decades. “In our opinion, it was time to bring something entirely new in the business, something that improves customer service and the efficiency of the order and delivery process,” says IMS’s Managing Director Esa Leivo. “Thanks to our earlier long-term cooperation, we knew that Edita Prima was the only partner who could offer us warehousing, logistics and printing services and also build an online store system that streamlines the purchase of these products and services,” Esa Leivo goes on to say.

The most challenging aspect was to sell printed envelopes in the online store with such a simple concept that the end user who is not an expert in this field could succeed in placing the order and returns to the store again and again. “Edita Prima had proof of its ability to tackle this challenge, running a well-functioning system for several years,” notes Esa Leivo.

The result was the most advanced and easiest way on the market to order products that are perceived as difficult and even mystified by the sector itself, such as printed envelopes, with just a couple of clicks. At the same time, the completed online store sells all other IMS product groups and serves as a daily order channel for many retailers and end customers.

“Many thanks to all Edita Prima employees who participated in this successful project that was completed on schedule. The online store is now open and serving customers but development will continue,” says Esa Leivo enthusiastically.

Watch the IMS online store introduction video:


Your customers

Of course, everything begins with determining what your customers really want. Make a rough plan to outline why certain customers would come to your store. What differentiates you from others? Make the necessary segmentations, analyses and calculations for your business plans.

Customer insight

Test your ideas with your customers. Even a brief session of co-design with the customer may change everything!

Define the limits for your services

What is the most important thing for your customers? Which challenge does it tackle? Can you start small and scale up over time? Try to achieve small wins quickly.

Background processes

Which things need to work seamlessly together so that you can achieve a winning customer experience? Do not focus on wrong things – test also these ideas with your customers. Consider carefully what kind of a service partner you need for efficiently running processes.


Do not spend too much time pondering this alone. Get a partner who can explain the options. Often it is a good idea to choose a partner who takes care of technology and different system interfaces on your behalf, offering this as a service. You can focus on serving our customers and offering the right product selection.

Data and analytics

This is something you truly need when your service is up and running. A good service provider can give you the necessary tools and explain what is essential. Learn and get training, if necessary. Test different options all the time and make changes to your service on the basis of data. Ensure that conversion is always in order. Also collect feedback to support data and combine them into a comprehensible analysis.,

Edita Prima Ltd is your service partner for online store planning and creation as well as service production. In our operations, we use the SaaS model to eliminate your need to invest in expensive technology.