We arranged a breakfast seminar on accessibility at our office in Kalasatama, Helsinki, on 25 April. We wanted to approach this important theme from a variety of perspectives from the viewpoints of both users and designers.

Accessibility is not just about making digital contents and services available to everyone regardless of their physical limitations, but also organizing the content in a clear, logical manner.

The legal reform boosted accessibility, but not yet enough

One of our star speakers was Ronja Oja, a para-athlete and advocate of accessibility, who introduced the guests to the world of online services and digital forms from the viewpoint of a visually impaired person.

”When speaking about accessibility, I want to underline that it is not something that should be done only because its is prescribed in law. Accessibility creates a more equal world”, Ronja Oja says.

In the last few years, accessibility in the Internet has been accelerated by the EU directive introduced in 2016 and the resulting national legislation. However, according to Ronja Oja, there is still need for improvement in forms, online stores and public administration, before the user experience is easy for everyone.

”For me, the breakfast seminar was an interesting experience in that I have never really focused on the accessibility of documents. I was completely unfamiliar with the matter, though the viewpoint to a familiar topic was different.”

You can read more about Ronja Oja’s thoughts about accessibility on her website and also in our upcoming accessibility guidebook, which will be available for download from our website. We will also publish the guidebook’s chapters as individual blog texts during the spring and early summer.


Photo: Participants in the breakfast seminar. Speaker Ronja Oja.Edita Prima's breakfast seminar was held on April 25th. The topic for the event was accessibility.


Photo: Ronja Oja giving her speech in the seminarRonja Oja


Photo: Participants in the seminarAudience at the breakfast seminar