liiketoimintaa-helpoittavia-ratkaisujaWe feel proud to have customers who have been with us for several decades. One of our important customers is Posti Ltd.

Posti’s product selection includes pre-paid envelopes, which are available with customized print. The purpose of these envelopes is to facilitate the sending of corporate letters and, in this way, to make everyday business operations smoother. Edita has been producing these envelopes for Posti for over 20 years, for the past 2 years as the sole provider.

The challenge:

The envelopes used to be sold via Posti’s ordering system, or companies could order them using an order form, by e-mail or by phone from several manufacturers. Placing an order involved several stages, which made it complicated. Therefore it was also difficult for Posti to sell the solution to new customers. Product management at Posti was a complex matter and adding new products to assortment was a difficult process.

The solution:

Edita Prima renewed the full order-delivery process for Posti and its customers. The old way was replaced by a state-of-the-art webshop with single-sign-on login and with a smooth user interface. The full process was automated from end to end.

The result:

The delivery times were shortened radically from 2-3 weeks delivery into 2-3 days delivery. Customers are able to order smaller batch sizes than before. And feedback from Posti´s customer is really positive. The renewed service enables them to create, proof and finalize the customized order only within view clicks.

After simplifying the full process, Posti is now able to market this service to new corporate customers. In addition, changing product types or batch sizes is flexible and easy for Posti.

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