Edita Prima, a specialist in solutions for customer communication, and the Finnish Paralympic Committee have signed a cooperation agreement valid until the end of 2020. The first outcome of shared projects has been the design process of the team visuals for the Winter Paralympic Games team.

Apart from the cooperation, Edita Prima wants to support Paralympic Committee to develop Finnish disability sports. The visibility and appreciation of paralympic sports have experienced an upswing but there is still lots of work to be done for equality.

‘Our company values are renewal, respect and responsibility. This set of values lays a solid foundation for active cooperation with the Paralympic Committee. Edita Prima and the Paralympic Committee have already cooperated for several years and the new agreement is a natural extension of that,’ says Heikki Autio, Managing Director for Edita Prima.

Tero Kuorikoski, the Secretary-General of the Paralympic Committee, considers the cooperation a jackpot, one which combines the shared values and concrete collaboration, such as design of the image for the paralympic team.

‘The paralympic movement is under constant development, but all the while sticking to its set of values while keeping respect for equality in focus. The Paralympic Committee also has many kinds of printing needs. Thanks to Edita Prima’s expertise, the Paralympic Committee has state of the art print services in use. Moreover, we are planning a common winter paralympics day for the coming winter.’