The Tax Administration and Edita Prima have concluded a temporary contract that covers printing, enveloping and distribution services. The Tax Administration invited tenders for this wide selection of services, and Edita Prima was chosen as the winner.

Tax systems are undergoing extensive reforms at the Tax Administration. From now on, the Tax Administration will use a single system for tax processing and tax decisions. Following the new operational model, Edita Prima will be responsible for all printing and letter distribution requirements this tax system produces.

“The efficiency and smoothness of taxation in Finland is based on countless automatic data flows and close cooperation between different operators,” explains Jarkko Levasma, the Chief Development and Information Officer of the Tax Administration.

“Our long-term cooperation with the Tax Administration continues and is expanding significantly. Of course, we are pleased that our proficiency in customer communications meets the Tax Administration’s high standards! The process is largely automatized from the data generating system onwards. We provide the client with tracking information about the process, for instance, including part of the physical distribution phase as well,” says Heikki Autio from Edita Prima.

Edita Prima also provides digital data management and document planning services for the Tax Administration.

Further information:
Heikki Autio, Managing Director, Edita Prima Ltd,